Merchants Cove - The Dragon Rancher

Merchants Cove - The Dragon Rancher

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The Dragon Rancher is a 5th player expansion for Merchants Cove.

Any merchant can play against any other merchant (including expansion merchants) at any player count (including solo mode)!


Hatchling to Saddle
You will raise dragons through a multi-stage process—changing them from small goods, to large goods, and finally, to huge goods-something that is unique to this merchant! But bringing up dragons to that massive size is no easy feat: between the food cost, breaking, training, and saddles, it takes a whole lot of work. Luckily, when you finally herd them to the market, you can ask prices even higher than everyone else's largest goods!

Feeding Time NOM NOM NOM
You will distribute food for your Dragons across your fields (in a way inspired by mancala). By eating these food trails, your dragons will grow healthy and strong. In the midst of a feeding frenzy try to lead them with care: They thrive off their favorite foods—but will eat anything if push comes to shove. Creature neglect will gain you a bad reputation around town.

Manage your Farm
Your land is bountiful, yet over yonder there are some overcrowded Wyldberry trees that could be chopped down. The dragons would be delighted to run around in more open spaces—and they'd really like to eat the fruits that were too high to reach before! Of course, what goes in must come out; dragons can leave behind some pretty rank, steaming piles. Best keep your trusty shovel handy and muck-out before the end of the day...

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