TallyWood Rally

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We are proud to announce Tallywood Rally, a game by our own Drake Villareal with art by The Mico!

In Tallywood Rally, you will be in charge of your own halfling political campaign. Leverage the plans up your sleeve into clever plays: send assistants to rally and fundraise—increasing your popularity and treasury, pander to voters directly, build public works, and work with celebrities to get out the vote.

To take their turns, players will be using an innovative card mechanism which allows them to control the actions of their workers. Cards are played into one of four action columns, each with three possible spaces. Each unique space connects the icons on the cards in a different way, potentially revealing bonuses on the board itself.

These action include:

- Secure Funding: Construct a Public Works tile in this district to attract voters and increase your influence.

 - Celebrity Endorsement: Attract a celebrity endorsement to help get out the vote, increasing your polling in that district, and attracting new voters.

 - Research: Reveal the effects of a Celebrity of Public Work tile in a district, gaining support in the process.

 - Appeal: Spend your Popularity (credibility) to make a direct appeal to the voters of a District, increasing your polling and your vote share at game’s end.

After four weeks of campaigning the final vote is held! Voters are assigned to districts, players total up their vote shares in each district, and the player with the most votes wins!