Merchants Cove - The Secret Stash (pre-order)

Merchants Cove - The Secret Stash (pre-order)

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The Secret Stash expansion includes all daily unlocked stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign for Merchants Cove.
This expansion brings:

  • 4 new sets of Townfolks cards
  • 11 Rogues cards
  • 8 Grey goods
  • 12 scenarios and 12 new challenge cards for solo mode
  • 12 new corruption cards
  • 8 new boat setup
  • 3 cardboard ships
  • 3 mini expansions (Halls of Plenty, Dragon Island Festival and Faction Leaders)
  • Thief Character

Check out more info about the game and the rulebook HERE.

Please follow our KS updates for more details and info on the production and the delivery of the game HERE